Ultimate Stranger Things Quiz... Only Real Fans Can Pass It!

Stranger Things cast

Stranger Things is undoubtedly one of the renowned shows in pop culture. Having completed its third season last 2019, the Netflix original has got fans on the edge of their seats for another season. Taking place in a mysterious town, the show has given its audience its fair share of twists and turns with its thrilling plot and charming, lovable characters. 

It is a series, which won the hearts of many fans across the globe. Do you think you know everything about this sought-after Netflix TV show? In this ultimate Stranger Things quiz, you will have the opportunity to test your abilities and prior knowledge about Hawkins’ small town and everything strange which are happening inside it. Are you aware of the things that occurred to Will Byers? Is the secretive girl named Eleven the answer to the mystery? n

There’s no contradicting that Stranger Things is perhaps one of the most-awaited Netflix series. In fact, the streaming platform is even distinguished from it. A big amount of folks is waiting impatiently for the next season – including us! 

What awaits us in the fourth season? So far, it has been highlighted that the fourth season of Stranger Things will be much longer than anticipated. What’s more, you will find one special episode highlighting the story of one of the characters. 

There has been much development both within the show and their casts. Are you one of those who cannot wait for the next season? Do you often miss Eleven and the rest of her squad? This ultimate Stranger Things quiz is an excellent chance to recall the most crucial parts of the story. 

Do you have what it takes to be a true Stranger Things fanatic? The quiz below will challenge you!