Ultimate Joker Movie Quiz... No way you pass it?

Joker by different actors

In 2019, plenty of films were released. One of the movies that left its critics and fans in amazement is probably the Joker.

An American psychological thriller, Joker was a box office hit for DC and Warner Bros. On its debut, Joker earned a whopping $234 million worldwide, getting good reviews from everyone.

What makes the film different from other psychological thrillers is that it is not a typical comic book movie. It is not the usual action-packed film of superheroes we have seen and witnessed over the years.

The Joker is a mix of new and old. Although there were tweaks to each character, you would find a few similarities with the original DC Comics. Joaquin Phoenix’s acting is also phenomenal. The way he portrays his character is moving. Joaquin Phoenix’s acting alone would encourage you to watch the movie until the end.

Challenge your Knowledge of Joker Movie With this Quiz

It’s only more than a year since the release of Joker. But it is hard to move on. Although there’s a possibility for a sequel, let’s not expect too much. For now, challenge your knowledge of the movie with this Ultimate Joker quiz.

These Tests are Made for Fun

There’s no pressure in taking this Ultimate Joker Movie Quiz. It’s all right if you don’t find all the correct answers. These tests are only developed for fun and entertainment. It’s a plus if you guess them all correctly.

Another Learning Experience for Everyone

More than the great level of excitement, this Ultimate Joker Movie Quiz is another great learning experience you can ever have as an avid fan. You will learn new things and remember the important scenes in the movie.

Try the Ultimate Joker Movie Quiz now! Compete with your buddies and find out who knows better!