Ultimate Home Alone Quiz... Can you Pass it?

Kevin from Home Alone

Hooray, Christmas time is finally here again, and hence millions of folks all around the globe will be getting their copy of or stream Home Alone back out for the 30th re-watch since its release date in 1990. It has been thirty years since Kevin McCallister made his family vanish and had to keep away two notorious thieves while his mum tried to get back home to him in time for Christmas. 

Quick fact: did you know that this movie was one of the third biggest grossing movies of all time? It remains the greatest grossing Christmas-themed movie ever made with a global gross of $474 million. What’s more, it set as the most sought-after and popular child actor in the 1990s and offered him a role, which he would be recalled for even to this day. 

Home Alone is one of the movies that defined many childhoods. The classic blockbuster features the youngest in an incredibly wealthy family, Kevin. Following his punishment, Kevin was surprised to find that his family had forgotten about him as they left for vacation. 

The movie features Kevin’s mischievous but elaborate plan to defend his home when two burglars attempt to break into the house. Throughout the movie, viewers were able to see in detail the various booby traps Kevin set up to fend against these strangers. 

Anyone who remembers the movie will likely tell you how hilarious and witty plenty of the scenes were. Only the most significant Christmas movie fan will be able to ace our ultimate Home Alone quiz. This ultimate Home Alone quiz will put your memory to the test. How much do you remember?

So, what are you waiting for? Order a giant pizza and ensure the driver pays attention to the lawn jockey statue on the driveway. Good Luck!