Ultimate Gossip Girl quiz... Can you pass it?

Gossip Girl cast

Gossip Girl, an adaptation of Cecily von Ziegesar’s novel, is an American teen drama television series, was broadcast between 2007 and 2012.

Because of the story and caliber cast, Gossip Girl received numerous nominations, teen choice awards, and even adaptations outside the US.

Aside from talented actors and a good story, Gossip Girl featured great music, drama, famous cameos, mystery, love triangles, Blair & Serena’s friendship, stylish clothes, Chuck Bass, and more.  Perhaps, you are an avid fan of Gossip Girl since 2007. Maybe, you wish for another season. But it is impossible for now as it ended in 2012. But don’t worry! Relive your memories with the teen drama television series with this Ultimate Gossip Girl Quiz.

Covering six seasons, this Ultimate Gossip Girl Quiz will give you trouble. But if you’re a true fan, then you might find it entertaining. You could also find some time to review if you want. But if you’re confident with what you know, don’t hold back taking this Ultimate Girl Quiz.

Maybe, you haven’t tried any Ultimate Gossip Girl Quiz before. It’s time to test your knowledge on Gossip Girl this 2020.

Aside from the level of entertainment, this Ultimate Gossip Girl Quiz can help bring back your memories of the American teen drama television series. You will feel the same anger, hate, and love you feel when you watched the series for the first time.

As you read every question, expect a nostalgic experience along the way. Although years had passed, your memories with the Gossip Girl will be renewed/rekindled.  The question is easy to read and can measure your knowledge. If you don’t get all the correct answers, retake this Ultimate Gossip Quiz.


If you are tired of watching TV or streaming to songs, answering this quiz is a fun and good alternative you cannot afford to miss.