Impossible To Pass Simpsons Quiz... Only Real Fans Can Pass It!

The Simpsons family.

The Simpsons is, no doubt, the longest-running TV sitcom in American TV history at currently 30 seasons and counting, thus amassing 639 episodes as of writing. Unluckily, the show’s die-hard fans have been debating the show started experiencing a massive decline about a third of the way through and didn’t recuperate. 

Still, Homer and his entire family are great for a laugh or two, even throughout their worst years. The fact remains that the amusement is nowhere close to the level it once was. 

The show was the funniest one on TV throughout the first nine years it was on the air. No matter how huge a Simpsons lover you are, chances are you missed a few seasons when the TV show reached its mid-twenties. Who could blame you? after all, the show’s golden years are all anybody cares about. 

Certainly, that does not suggest it is all going to be simple. That’s because you will need a varied range of early familiarity to get through this quiz. Do you think you know everything about the Simpson? Then we challenge you to take this test and discover how well you know the show. 

Whether we actively watch it or not, many people have watched at least an episode of The Simpsons. The long-running classic TV series features various characters that include the dysfunctional, nuclear family that serves as the center of the show.  The many episodes of the show revolve around the daily happenings in the fictional town of Springfield. The Simpsons offer surprises just about every corner.

Do you consider yourself a true fan of The Simpsons? Test just how much you know about the show with the ultimate challenge quiz! Be sure to read each question carefully since they might get quite tricky.